'Kaburi la Sahau Button'

By Wakini Kuria
Technology is yet to bring me the much needed 'delete' button for selected memories. You know, where you open Folder 'Mendula Oblongata', highlight a few files and delete them permanently. SHIFT + DEL + ENTER and Pap! You are over and done with. For life!

Memories of people, instances, circumstances and things that may have in the past injured your ego, hurt, embarrassed you and/or others but have refused to die with time.

Waves of remembrance keeps flickering with the slightest of provocation changing your moods instantly.

Suddenly at some memory you want to crawl under the bed and never to come out. You want to switch off the lights and stay in the darkness forever where nobody can see you. You want to hide behind masks in public, the sunglasses aren't enough cover and again the sun doesn't shine forever.

Another memory sees your face turn red in anger, clouding your face in near tears fists held tight ready to crack open some jaw or …

Don’t throw in the towel yet…